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Public transportation

Autolinee Bleniesicover the Biasca to Lukmanier-pass segment, ensuring transportation til Acquacalda 4 times a day between June and October. From Disentis you can reach Lukmanierpass with the Postbus and then Acquacalda with the Autolinee Bleniesi.


In addition, you can walk to Acquacalda by following one of the many trails of the Blenio Valley. Particularly beautiful is the path that starts from the alpine lakes of Piora and reaches Acquacalda through a pass of incomparable beauty through Campo Solario.


You can reach Acquacalda by car in approximately 45 minutes from Biasca, and in ca. One hour from Chur or Göschenen (via the Oberalp pass).

How to find us

Further Information


Centro Pro Natura Lucomagno
Strada del Lucomagno
6718 Blenio (Acquacalda)

+41 91 872 26 10 (Centro)
+41 91 835 57 67 (Pro Natura Ticino)
@email (hotel/camping)